Hidden Face

Hidden Face

This trick is about the hidden face, also called the face in the coffee beans, which falls under the optical illusions. This illusion is making the mind perceive things that are not there. It's amazing how the psychology of the mind works. To see other examples check our Brain Tricks main page.

Hidden Face

Tips for the hidden face: Find the face among the beans – The picture on the right is floating around the Internet. I do not know the original source, which I really would like to cite. Please communicate! [See note below.]
The picture is accompanied by all sorts of inferences on your mental development depending on delay until you find the face in there, which are, hmm, lame, even though they begin with “According to recent medical evidence…”.

Notes:By the way: Yes, there really is a face in there! Once you’ve seen it, there is no doubt any more (“one-shot learning”, like in Mooney Faces)
Hint: It is at the bottom.

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Trick of the Day: The moon when close to the horizon looks bigger than when it's in heart of the sky. That's because when it's close to the horizon, your eyes sees it in comparison to other parts of the horizon, such as trees, mountains and houses, and that's what makes it look bigger. For more tricks of the day check Tricks of the Day.

Other than the hidden face trick, the mind can be fooled in different ways within the subject of the optical illusions. It's no longer accurate to say "what you see is what you get". Now choose a related page, or simply click on previous/ next.

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